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Wisdom House: 42 Ways to Happiness

  1. Your best self is right beyond your comfort zone.
  2. Be nice to people who are hateful, they need it the most.
  3. Don’t burn bridges, we live in a small world.
  4. Never be afraid of your feelings. They are there for a reason.
  5. Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience. Both are essential in life.
  6. Rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path.
  7. Do not lie to yourself. You can lie to everyone – your spouse, your family, your friends. But the moment you lie to yourself, you lose respect for yourself which can only end in a depression, a life-crises and/or worst of all – suicide.
  8. Practice moderation IN EVERYTHING and I really mean EVERYTHING. Even in things you may consider “positive”, “healthy” or “good”. That guy who spends 7 days a week in the gym, thinking he is on top of his fitness game isn’t doing it right. That guy who is at work until 9 PM and gets home when his kids are already sleeping isn’t doing it right. That guy who is up until 3 am choking his chicken even though he has work/school in the morning isn’t doing it right. No one wishes they had spent more time at the gym, the office, or jerking off on their death-bed. MODERATION IS KING OF THE UNIVERSE.
  9. Sexual energy can be channeled into productive ends. Fapping is giving in to weakness.
  10. Do not buy new cars, the best deal is a slightly used, low mileage car.
  11. Do not buy new gadgets. They are half-off the following year.
  12. Do not day-trade, invest for the long-term. Day-trading has a 100% failure rate.
  13. Study Philosophy. The earlier you get into it, the better your life will be. Quite literally, the term “philosophy” means, “love of wisdom.” Need some mentors? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and many others have been mentoring people for hundreds/thousands of years!
  14. How to keep in shape without a diet: Keep your food portions small and eat 6–8 times per day vs 3 huge meals. How big should a single food portion be? Clinch your hand into a fist. In terms of proteins, your fist size is one food portion. Vegetables and fruits can be eaten as much as you want!
  15. If you are a creative person, do not buy into the whole “must wake up at 4 am to be successful” mentality of CEOs. Corporate CEO’s are non-creative type of people who are hired to keep the lights on, not to create things. Creatives usually get going around noon and sleep much later in the night.
  16. The money problem is very easy to solve if you think CREATIVELY. People who have 9–5 jobs think linearly and like to follow easy rules. Creative people create their own rules.
  17. The best lifehack for becoming wealthy is starting a high-growth company and making it succeed. There is absolutely no better alternative. As a founder, you buy your company’s stock at close to nothing (cents!). Years later it could be worth billions! AMAZING!
  18. The second best wealth lifehack would be investing in such a company early on but you must already be wealthy for this to work and you give up control as you don’t actually run the company yourself.
  19. If you are female, read non-fiction more. If you are male, read fiction more.
  20. Real love is one soul in two bodies.
  21. Whatever feeds the ego, kills the soul.
  22. Surround yourself with people that are better than you. That way you become better by association.
  23. Make sure you make time for laughter in your life. Schedule it if you are busy but don’t miss out on it.
  24. Alternatively, you can have comedians as friends. Comedians are an anti-depressant in human form.
  25. Practice becoming an effective communicator. 90% of the problems in the world can be fixed with better communication. 99% of all human conflicts can be attributed to bad communication. It is probably one of the most taken for granted attributes of existence.
  26. If you want to raise children that are creative, let them be kids. Give them enough playtime and exploratory time. Do not overburden them with stuff YOU as parent want them to do. Remember, Michael Jackson? He was basically an adult child because his childhood was robbed of him.
  27. If you are an atheist, look into Zen. It provides for some spirituality in an otherwise meaningless existence. Google or YouTube “Alan Watts” to get started.
  28. If you are male, find a woman with a brain. They all have vaginas. If you are female, find a man with lots of money, you can be their brain!
  29. Buying flowers is way cheaper than a divorce. Don’t be irrational.
  30. Don’t just speak about doing something. Do them! Then speak about it while you are showing it off to people.
  31. Remember: In a world of change, not taking a risk is risky itself.
  32. Courage is knowing it might hurt and doing it anyway.
  33. Don’t think of failure as failure, think of it as a stepping stone to success.
  34. Complaining is not a strategy. It’s a coping mechanism. Those who are able to change, change. Those who do not, complain.
  35. If you are female, refrain from gossiping. Every time you gossip you reduce your social status with the people you do the gossiping with.
  36. The worst decisions are made when people are emotional. Count to 10 if you are upset. Count to 100 if you are really upset. Sleep over it just to be safe.
  37. Remember, only hurt people hurt people.
  38. The only “radicalism” that matters is productive radicalism.
  39. Turn off the news. If something super important happens, you will hear it from someone around you.
  40. You must make time for meaningful growth. If you are not growing, you are stagnating. It doesn’t have to be huge things, just watching a TED talk or reading a book can contribute to your growth. Become a life-long learner.
  41. Find something you love to do first. Worry about making money second. You have found your life-work if what you think, say, and do are in harmony.
  42. Nothing that’s worthwhile is easy but with practice, anything hard can become easy.

Inspired by Omar Delawar

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