Paschal Agonsi

Your Mindset is Your Wing Man

January 5, 2020

Your mindset is your wingman

A wingman is supposed to be your hommie. Like your nigga. Your big bro who’s supposed to hold it down for you. Like your best man on your wedding day cause he’s always been there through it all.

Of course, you know that he’s a blessing. He’s a good and positive force to your success. The Ronaldinho Messi combination. Imagine your mindset as your wingman. Imagine what a negative mindset does to you all the time.

If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you no stronger. A negative mindset leads to doom. It’s your one and only enemy. For where thoughts prevail, power follows. If negative thoughts prevail, negative power is activated in one’s life. It will be another sad love song. End of the road. And you still can’t let it go.

For what harm will it take to be positive. To think only of a positive way out of any situation no matter the size or weight. To strongly believe that no matter what, you can prevail.

It’s just a mindset. And here’s a good way to start. Think of 5 people who only bring positive vibes to you. Notice how you feel around these people. If you feel like you don’t want this feeling all the time. It’s a negative mindset.

Change your mindset. Think only about giving and receiving happiness always. It’s the best way you can possibly build a great legacy and inspire the next generation.

You’ve made mistakes, so what? You still deserve a better wingman. No matter who you are. No matter what you have done.

I’ll pen them down always. Trust me I will.
Don P.

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